Ayvee is an experienced Voice Coach with 8+ years of experience.


All Levels: Pop, R&B, Jazz, Musical Theater, and Core Vocal Training.


Student's Home and Online via Skype


Children, Teens, and Adults


What makes a great voice coach? I believe it's a combination of passion, skills, and experience. With over five years of experience in tutoring Voice Lessons, Modern Songwriting, Composition, and Protools, I've had the opportunity to develop my style to fit your needs. My professional background in songwriting and music is extensive. I have experience as a songwriter for both television (over 5 million plays on Prime time) and film. I also possess a Protools digital audio workstation certificate, and am in the process of completing a degree in Audio Production and Music Recording at San Francisco State University. This foundation allows me to share valuable information that will enrich your skills and aide in achieving your music goals.



I am incredibly grateful to find Ayvee and work with Ayvee. I have been wanting to create my own album for a really long time, but needed help with vocals, songwriting, and also recording. I found everything in one with Ayvee. After working with her for 6 months on songs and vocals we moved to her recording Studio. Ayvee has a recording Studio in San Fransisco that is really nice, private, and I felt really safe and inspired spending the day recording. If I could give Ayvee 10 stars I would. Highly, highly recommend working with Ayvee, she is a true pro on all levels. Read less

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 Ayvee shows up cheerful and goes right to work. She worked well with both our daughters on warm up, singing classics and pop songs. She added some movement to keeping the girls focused. Multi-talented young woman with great attitude. Read less

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In a couple lessons Ayvee showed me that I actually had a voice with range. Before the classes I thought I was limited to just a few notes and wasn't sure about my pitch. Now I've realized there's a whole range of notes I can reach and it has opened up new ground for me. I look forward to learning more and growing. Read less

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I've been speaking in monotone for decades which is *really* bad, since I don't have a job as a fine print reader in commercials. Although I sound authoritative and sometimes have a dry sense of humor (and deadpan well), it's not working for me overall. 
When I first met with Ayvee we went over lessons together in a methodical way, both sounding out phonemes, singing, practicing conversations and recording them. I'm looking forward to my future installments of voice lessons so I can reclaim my total voice range and start sounding like a human again. :) Ayvee is really understanding, patient and on point with noticing how you speak and how you can improve. 

Thanks Ayvee!!

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Nancy D.

Since I started working with Ayvee two years ago, my singing voice and songwriting skills have greatly improved. I now understand how to take care of my voice properly, and why song structure is so important. Thanks Ayvee! 

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